By Ethel Sloane

This extraordinary textual content, offered in a distinct define structure, is designed to assist scholars specialise in the middle evidence of anatomy and body structure with no getting slowed down through extra details. it might probably function both a fundamental textual content in a direction or as a spouse to a extra certain anatomy and body structure quantity.

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Subdivisions of anatomy a. Gross or macroscopic anatomy is the study of the structures of the body that can be examined by observation and dissection without the use of a microscope. (1) Regional anatomy is the study of all the anatomical features in a particular area of the body. (2) Systemic anatomy is the study of the body organ systems one by one. b. Histology (microscopic) anatomy is the study of cells, tissues, and organs of the body when seen with the light microscope, which is also called the bright-field microscope or the compound microscope.

The unequal distribution of charge causes the entire molecule to have polarity, like a magnet. (2) Anions. Atoms with five, six, or seven valence electrons in their outer shell tend to gain electrons and become negatively charged ions called anions. For example, chloride ion (C1-) and sulfur ion (S×). b. Ionic bonds between ionic compounds are formed when anions and cations are bonded together by their attraction of opposite charges. For example, sodium chloride (NaCL), common table salt, is an example of an ionic compound.

A notochord is a tough, flexible supporting rod located along the back. b. A tubular (hollow) nerve cord is located dorsally, or above the notochord. c. Paired gill slits (clefts) are located on the sides of the pharynx (throat region) at least sometime during development. 3. Subphylum: Vertebrata. Vertebrates include all animals having an internal bony skeleton and an articulated (jointed) backbone. The vertebrates are divided into eight classes; humans are included in the class Mammalia. 4. Class: Mammalia.

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