By Emily Stier Adler, Roger Clark

This ebook offers balanced insurance of quantitative and qualitative tools of social examine with a distinct "behind the scenes" technique: Chapters are equipped on focal learn items and excerpts from actual examine tasks, and so they current the insights and views of employees carrying out real-world examine. The e-book courses readers in the course of the many phases of social research--from choosing a researchable query and designing a learn to choosing the proper approach to information research for a specific study--and prepares them for the moral concerns and difficulties that they might face alongside the way in which.

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Evaluation research is research designed to assess the impacts of programs, policies, or legal changes. It often focuses on whether a program or policy has succeeded in effecting intended or planned change, and when such successes are found, the program or policy explains the change. Thus, when Babalola, Folda, and Babayaro (2008) were able to show that exposure to a communication campaign designed to encourage young people to use family planning in Nigeria had, in fact, led to greater contraceptive use, they were providing an explanation of that usage.

Smaller fires tend to draw fewer firefighters and do less damage than larger fires. In this case, the antecedent variable, the size of the fire, explains why the independent variable and the dependent variable are associated. When this happens, when an antecedent variable provides such an explanation, the original association between the independent variable and the dependent variable is said to be spurious, or non-causal. Neither one causes the other; their association is due to the presence of an antecedent variable that creates the association.

Some reasons are purely technical, and we’ll discuss them in greater detail in Chapter 8. ” But many of our most cherished methods of collecting information in the social sciences just don’t permit us to be sure which variable comes first. Stevic and Ward (2008), for instance, found that students who gave indications, in a questionnaire survey, of having relatively high level of satisfaction with their lives were more likely than others to be involved in changing and developing themselves as individuals.

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