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This file is the precis of a workshop performed by means of the nationwide learn Council on the way to research from either forecast makers and forecast clients approximately advancements that may be made in realizing the markets for doctoral scientists and engineers. The workshop commissioned papers tested: the background and issues of types of call for and provide for scientists and engineers; goals and ways to forecasting versions; margins of adjustment which were missed in versions, in particular substitution and caliber; the presentation of uncertainty; and even if those forecasts of offer and insist are valuable, given all their shortcomings.

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32. Temperature development during ECAP process and heating of forming tools: a) database material, and b) experimental material 4. Conclusions From mathematical simulations of ECAP process by FEM is resulting that the channels filling with material and effective plastic deformations are depends on contact friction, material stress – strain (σ-ε) curves and geometrical definition of ECAP die. Better channels filling by material was observed when friction coefficient was increased. The negligible effect of σ-ε strengthening type curves on channels filling was observed if curves had character rigid – plastic form with linear and nonlinear strengthening.

The Limit of Grain Refinement during ECAP Deformation. In: Severe Plastic Deformation: Towards Bulk Production of Nanostructured Materials, Burhanettin, S. A. ; Tiža J. & Martikán M. (2010). The mechanical properties progress depending on strain rate and load investigation during ecap process. Acta Metallurgica Slovaca, Vol. 16, No. ; Mišičko, R. & Nový, Z. (2004). Influence of pulsation deformations on properties of steel grade Cr18Ni10. High Temperature Materials and Processes, Vol. 23, No. ; Vlado, M.

The effect of carbon coating and carbon admixing on the compressibility of Astaloy CrL. Acta Metallurgica Slovaca, Vol. 14, No. 3-4 (2008) 349-355, ISSN 1335-1532 Betekhtin, V. , Kadomtsev, A. , Sklenicka, V. Saxl, I. (2007). Nanoporosity of finecrystalline aluminum and an aluminum-based alloy. Physics of the Solid State, Vol. 49, No. 10 (2007) 1874–1877, ISSN 1063-7834 Danninger, H. (1987). Secondary porosity in sintered steels and its effects on product quality and consistency. Powder Metallurgy, Vol.

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