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The primary talents and crucial details invaluable for piloting airplanes are brought during this starting aviator's advisor. Pilots wishing to enhance their flying talent and aeronautical wisdom, flyers getting ready for extra certificate or scores, and flight teachers engaged within the guideline of either scholars and certified pilots will enjoy the info during this pilot source. The legit FAA reference for the aviator-in-training, many try questions for the FAA wisdom tests for pilots come without delay from this advisor.

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Figure 3-4. Wingtip reference for straight-and-level flight. qxd 7/13/04 11:08 AM Page 3-6 Continually observing the wingtips has advantages other than being the only positive check for leveling the wings. It also helps divert the pilot’s attention from the airplane’s nose, prevents a fixed stare, and automatically expands the pilot’s area of vision by increasing the range necessary for the pilot’s vision to cover. In practicing straight-and-level-flight, the wingtips can be used not only for establishing the airplane’s laterally level attitude or bank, but to a lesser degree, its pitch attitude.

Absolute ceiling. that at which it would stabilize. The pilot must be prepared for this. As a climb is started, the airspeed will gradually diminish. This reduction in airspeed is gradual because of the initial momentum of the airplane. The thrust required to maintain straight-and-level flight at a given airspeed is not sufficient to maintain the same airspeed in a climb. Climbing flight requires more power than flying level because of the increased drag caused by gravity acting rearward. Therefore, power must be advanced to a higher power setting to offset the increased drag.

Figure 3-16] To return to straight-and-level flight from a climb, it is necessary to initiate the level-off at approximately 10 percent of the rate of climb. ), leveling off should start 50 feet below the desired altitude. The nose must be lowered gradually because a loss of altitude will result if the pitch attitude is changed to the level flight position without allowing the airspeed to increase proportionately. qxd 7/13/04 11:08 AM Page 3-15 becomes greater as the angle of bank is increased.

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