By Uttam Kumar Roy

Complicated Java Programming is a textbook particularly designed for undergraduate and postgraduate scholars of machine technological know-how, details expertise, and computing device functions (BE/BTech/BCA/ME/M.Tech/MCA). Divided into 3 components, the ebook presents an exhaustive assurance of subject matters taught in complicated Java and different similar topics. It first introduces very important language beneficial properties resembling mirrored image, JNI, template, AWT and swing, safeguard and so on. the second one half basically makes a speciality of center community programming options resembling sockets, RMI, Mail, XML-RPC and so forth. The state of the art ideas corresponding to cleaning soap, Applet, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate, JMS, J2EE, JNDI, CORBA, JSF and so forth. were mentioned within the final half. The content material is more suitable with a number of illustrations, examples, software codes, and screenshots. With its lucid presentation and inclusion of diverse real-world examples and codes, the booklet might be both helpful for Java execs

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Which of the following is used to create HTML documentation pages? (a) javac (c) jdoc (b) javadoc (d) jdb 4. Which of the following is used to debug Java programs? (a) javac (c) jdoc (b) javadoc (d) jdb 13. Which of the following features is not supported by Java? (a) Abstraction (c) Polymorphism (b) Pointer (d) Inheritance 5. With javadoc, which of the following denotes a javadoc comment? (a) /** (c) /* (b) //# (d) //** 4. The jdb is used to 1 (a) Create a jar archive (b) Debug a Java program (c) Create C header file (d) Generate Java documentation 6.

Class However, to add other entries to the manifest file, m option must be used. If a JAR file references other JAR file(s), it can be specified in the manifest file. jar In general any number of JAR files separated by space can be specified. This way, we can add more and more functionality using the manifest file. KEYWORDS Block tags—Tags that take the form @tagname and must start at the beginning of a line or after any leading spaces and an optional asterisk In-line tags—Tags that appear within curly braces, as {@tagname} and can appear anywhere in the comment Doc comments—Java documentation comments to be processed by javadoc tool jar—A Java tool that can bundle multiple files into a single one and vice versa.

It is also possible to run any class by specifying it as an argument to the run command. Anyway, we can see the line about to be executed using list command. println(x+"+"+y+"="+z); } 9 10 public static int add(int a, int b) { The line to be executed is shown by =>. main(), line=4 bci=2 4 int y = 3; It executes the current line and shows the next line to be executed. main(), line=5 bci=4 5 int z = add(x, y); If a line contains a method call, the next command completes that too. add(), line=11 bci=0 11 int c = a + b; As we can see, the control has now gone inside the add() method.

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