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Of liq kmollm 3 cT =total mols of solute + solvent per unit vol. ofliq, kmol/m 3 C Ls' dX = - -X, c T ... 99) I+X = k Lc ' a. cT' [_X. _ X) 1____ , =k I+Xi . a. -X 1 ( (I+XJ(I+X) • dZ J dZ • ... a,c T ... 101) ... dX _ X - Xt ... -X 1 For dilute solutions, the Eqn. 100 simplifies to z f dZ ° Xb = f Ls . a,c T Xt Xi-X ... 3. , (-kL, )kG, y) is constant. Under these circumstances we can transform Eqn. 93 to: Z fdZ = ° Yb Gs KG,p . a. P f (1 + Y) (1 + y*) . dY • Y Y- Y* ... 106) t Eqn. 1. 94 to : Z = [HTU]o,G' [NTU]o,G ...

31 Absorption Design Procedure Usually the temperature offeed streams Lo & G NT + 1 are known. Exit gas stream G 1 temperature is the same as the top tray temperature 8t . Assume a suitable value of8 t . Exit liq stream LN T temperature is the same as the bottom tray temperature 8b • Solve Eqns. 58 to compute Ln and x n • Use Eqn. 59 to determine the temperature 8 n ofliq stream Ln Stream G n and stream Ln are at same temperature 8 n and have their composition in equilibrium, since tray-n is ideal.

Theoretical) plate at the same point: _ Y n -Yn+l T'Jo,y - Y* _ Y n and ... 66) n+l (Refer Fig. 1) _ Fig. 1. Determining Plate Efficiency & Point Efficiency X n - 1 - Xn T'Jo,x - x n-l ... 67) -x* n where, y n+l = composition of the vap stream reaching the n-th plate at the given point. Yn = composition of the two vapor stream leaving the n-th plate. Y: = vapor composition in equilibrium with the liq at the given point on plate n. xn = composition of the liquid stream leaving at the given point from the plate n.

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