By Fred Singleton

There are few nations in Europe which include inside a space as small because the British Isles this kind of number of ordinary environments and cultures as Yugoslavia. This publication offers a survey of the background of the South Slav peoples who got here jointly on the finish of the 1st international battle to shape the 1st Yugoslav state, and who emerged from the chaos of the second one global warfare to turn into electorate of a socialist federal republic, led through the Communist occasion lower than the management of Marshal Tito. starting in Roman instances, the ebook lines the increase and fall of the medieval Slav principalities, the dominance of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires, the proclamation of the dominion of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918, the disastrous results of the German profession and the construction of a brand new socialist order lower than President Tito.

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Eastern influences also dominated the Serbs in the ninth century. They were officially placed under the jurisdiction of Byzantium by the zupan (ruling prince) of the Serbian principality of Raska in 891. Although during the next three centuries the Serbs were victims of a struggle between Rome and Byzantium, the Eastern Church finally triumphed during the reign of Stephen Nemanja in the late twelfth century. In 1196 Stephen retired to become a monk, and in 1199 he and his younger son, Rastko (St Sava), founded a Serbian monastery on Mount Athos.

A local feudal family, the Balsici, seized their opportunity and established themselves as rulers of Zeta. By playing off the rival ambitions of the Venetians, the Turks and the Serbs, the Balsici managed to retain their power until the death of Balsa III, the last of the male line, in 1422. Although Zeta was then formally incorporated into the Serbian despotate, the chieftains of Zeta resented Serbian overlordship, and in 1455 a number of them, led by Stevan Crnojevic, placed themselves under Venetian suzerainty.

Until the Ottoman empire began to decline in the late eighteenth century, Christian subjects in the Balkans were probably treated no worse The South Slavs under foreign rule 37 than were the peasants of central Europe by their Christian feudal overlords. The unsavoury reputation which the last of the sultans acquired during the late nineteenth century — especially Abdiilaziz (1861—76) and Abdiilhamid II (1876-1909) - has coloured the view which many western historians have taken of the Ottoman empire as a whole, but to many Christian subjects the Ottoman empire in its heyday was far from the horrific picture conjured up by the use of the phrase 'the long Turkish night'.

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