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Völuspá 1-7. 1. Hljóðs bið ek allar helgar kindir, meiri ok minni mögu Heimdallar; viltu, at ek, Valföðr! vel framtelja forn spjöll fíra, þau er fremst um man. 2. Ek man jötna ár um borna, þá er forðum mik fœdda höfðu; níu man ek heima, níu íviði, mjötvið mœran fyr mold neðan. 3. Ár var alda þar er Ýmir bygði, vara sandr né sær né svalar unnir, jörð fannsk æva né upphiminn, gap var ginnunga, en gras hvergi. 4. Áðr Burs synir bjöðum um ypðu, þeir er Miðgarð mœran skópu; sól skein sunnan á salar steina, þá var grund gróin grœnum lauki.

We have peace without strife. We live in a síd and therefore they call us 'people of the síd'. 4. “ asked Conn Cétchathach. Nobody saw the woman except Connlae. 5. Mulier respondit: "He is speaking to a young, lovely woman from a good family, who does not expect either death or old age. I have fallen in love with Connlae the Red. I call him to Mag Mell, where the eternal Bóadag reigns, without cry or laments he is in his land since he had assumed his throne. COme with me, Connlae the Red, o speckled-necked, candle-red one.

Homer, The Odyssey RV = Rig-Veda LANGUAGES: Alb. = Albanian Arm. = Armenian Gr. = Greek Goth. = Gothic Hitt. = Hittite Hom. = Homeric Lat. = Latin Lith. = Lithuanian Myc. = Mycenaean OCS = Old Church Slavic OE = Old English OHG = Old High German OIc.

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