By Alan Poole, George B. Leslie

First released in 1989, this publication recognizes that new medications, nutrition ingredients and different compounds must be rigorously screened for poisonous side-effects. the majority of this research is dedicated to the sensible questions of 'what toxicological reviews may still we perform?' and 'how may still we practice them?' Compounds which endure toxicity checking out might be comfortably classified as these that are meant for management to guy and people which aren't. the previous contain prescribed drugs for use medicinally or prophylactically and chemical compounds that are extra to our nutrition, beverages or medication to enhance their balance, visual appeal or palatability. because it is on prescribed drugs that the main entire toxicological reviews are ordinarily played, this ebook has been directed essentially in the direction of to toxicological evaluate of capability new medications. the rules and technique of toxicological review of different kinds of compounds are primarily related.

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Such markings can be achieved quite simply in albino strains by using hair dyes such as Inecto (manufactured by Rapidol Ltd, London W7 2PP). : Yellow: saturated picric acid or chrysoidin. Red: fuchsin Rats and mice 35 Violet: methyl violet (gentian violet) Green: brilliant green, ethyl green or malachite green Blue: trypan blue Cages should also be clearly marked, with an individual label for each animal. 2). This enables individual labels to be removed when an animal dies, Fig. 1 Identification of individual animals by means of ear punching.

1 Identification of individual animals by means of ear punching. RIGHT c• ~v~ r ~\ c ^ c^ 2(1+1) 4(3+1) 7(3+3+1) 4321 5(3+1+1) 9(8+1) 3757 6(3+3) 10 5852 9999 Animals: sources, selection, husbandry 36 while still identifying the survivors. It is also usual to colourcode cage labels according to the study dose group. , used for data recording in the study, thereby minimising the chance of confusion. Cages should be arranged on racks in such a way as to distribute animals from different groups evenly in the various positions in the rack and around the animal room.

Riley, V. (1975) Tumours: alterations of incidence an apparent function of stress. Science, 189, 465-567. The Royal Society & UFAW (1987) Guidelines on the Care of Laboratory Animals and their Use for Scientific Purposes. The Royal Society and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, London. Tucker, M. (1979) Effect of long term diet restriction on tumours in rodents. International Journal of Cancer, 23, 803-12. Young, S. S. (1987) Are there local room effects on hepatic tumours in male mice?

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