By Jessica Steele

Emily Lawson has consistently placed her much-loved grandmother earlier than her activity, and accordingly she's been in lots of difficulty at paintings! it is the most important that she retains her new activity, yet she simply can not seem to cease arguing with Barden Cunningham, her infuriatingly appealing boss.

yet after hours, is romance at the agenda?

Then issues pass from undesirable to worse! One night while supplying an pressing report back to Barden at domestic, Emily crashes her automobile and unearths herself having to stick the evening! Sharing an place of work with Barden is something, yet it is rather one other to percentage her boss's bedroom....

Harlequin Romance #3903, August, 2006.

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The reason they weren't hanging about getting someone in was because Dawn Obrey, who was in around the fifth month of her pregnancy, was starting to have a few complications which, together with her antenatal appointments, meant she was out of the office quite a lot-sometimes very unexpectedly. `Which, as you can appreciate-' Mr Garratt smiled `-is not always so convenient in the running of an extremely busy office. ' `That's quite understandable, from a continuity standpoint,' Emmie put in, having stretched the truth a mile by saying she had taken temporary jobs this past year to gain experience in many branches of industry.

He didn't like it. `You're too stuck-up by half,' he said nastily. ' he went on resentfully. And while she stood there feeling uncomfortable, wishing he'd go home and leave her in peace, to her absolute amazement the next thing she knew was that he made a grab for her and tried to kiss her. His wet, lascivious lips made her heave. She wasn't thinking by then, but reacting and her reaction was swift and immediate. She hit him with full force, and compounded that by giving him a furious push away from her.

Claudia? Paula? Emmie looked up. ' Barden Cunningham wanted to know. `Mrs Neville Short rang,' Emmie replied. ' My stars ! How about that for confidence? Though, since the diabolical hound most likely knew that Neville Short was at home, he wouldn't be likely to ring Roberta while her husband was there. Emmie concentrated solely on being an efficient PA, and then told her employer of a business enquiry she'd taken before he went back to his own office and closed the door. She carried on with what she had been doing.

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