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That's what Jim always used to say back when they were partners on the vice squad, before Jim took a coveted spot on the force as a homicide detective. There's always a way out. You've just got to find it, and Keegan's Rule Number One: Nothing is impossible. If there was a way out of this mess, it would involve somehow keeping Caroline's smart mouth tightly shut. And that wasn't going to be easy. "Excuse me, please," Felipe murmured to Lawrence Richter. " If the older man saw the bead of sweat drip down the side of Felipe's face, he didn't mention it.

Silver-hair said something else, and the smile exploded into a devilish laugh, complete with a full view of perfect white teeth. Despite all her dreams and various pseudo-Carlos sightings, Carrie had forgotten exactly how handsome this man was. At that exact instant, his gaze flickered in her direction, then landed squarely on her face. For the briefest second, Carlos froze, recognition darkening his eyes as he looked at Carrie. She'd known him six months ago for all of half an hour, but during that time, even when she aimed her rifle directly at his head, she'd not seen anything besides confidence and calm control in his eyes.

Slowly, deliberately, Carrie started toward him. Chapter 3 He was looking at the cause of his death. Felipe Salazar was standing in the lobby of Schroedinger's, and looking directly at the cause of his certain death. It was the dolphin-riding cowgirl from Sea Circus, and she was heading toward him, a small, tight smile on her perfect lips, and the fires of hell gleaming in her pretty blue-green eyes. She'd traded her clunky boots for a pair of brown leather sandals, and her grungy shorts and T-shirt for a sleeveless, short, blue-flowered dress that would have sent his heart into his throat – if it hadn't already been there for an entirely different reason.

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