By Peter S. Beagle

A kindly raven brings foodstuff to and is the significant other of a guy who has taken shelter in an deserted mausoleum in a brand new York urban cemetery for nineteen years.
Title: A advantageous & deepest Place
Author: Beagle, Peter S.
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Publication Date: 2007/05/28
Number of Pages: 264
Binding sort: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress: bl2007019271

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That isn't so," Mr. Rebeck said. " "Ha," said the raven. "All right. Your conscience starts to bother you. " He looked straight at Mr. Rebeck. "Of course it's a trouble. Of course it's inconvenient. You're damn right it's out of my way. Feel better? " "Yes," said Mr. Rebeck. " The raven made a dive at a hurrying caterpillar and missed. He spoke slowly, without looking at Mr. Rebeck. "There are people," he said, "who give, and there are people who take. There are people who create, people who destroy, and people who don't do anything and drive the other two kinds crazy.

He saw the shock on Mr. Rebeck's face and enjoyed it. He felt very human. He smiled at Mr. Rebeck again. " Chapter 3 "We could go for another walk," Mr. Rebeck said. "I don't want to go for another walk. We've walked all the grass off this place. Where we walk the bare earth follows. " "But you like it. " Michael thought hard about scowling and was pleased when he remembered the feeling. "I do like it. " Mr. Rebeck started to say something, but Michael cut him off. "Because I can't. I can't get tired, and watching you breathe as if you were drinking the air bothers me.

He had loved Sandra. Thinking about it in a detached fashion, he dared anybody not to love Sandra. She was all the world's loved objects in one, and she showed them off slowly and lazily, like a revolving dish of diamonds in a jeweler's window. Besides, she looked needing, and she had a sad mouth. They had met at the small reception that had been given for him when he joined the Ingersoll faculty. She had come with her uncle, who taught geology. Their glances had crossed, and he had put down his drink and gone to her.

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