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Руководство по лабораторной работе. Может быть использована в сочетании с ADAM Интерактивная Анатомия. Понятные и красочные рисунки и пояснения к ним.

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A lateral curvature of the spine is known as . and laterally with the 7. The clavicle articulates medially with the 8. Ribs 8 to 10 are known as 9. The 10. The or . ribs. border of the scapula is also known as the axillary border. of the humerus articulates with the 11. Digit 1 of the hand is also known as the thumb or 12. indd 31 . of the radius. , . 11/2/2012 9:05:08 AM 32 CHAPTER 1 Skeletal System 13. When an elderly person with osteoporosis “breaks the hip,” the bone (and feature) that the person .

Lastly, recall from your study of histology that there are four major classifications of tissues in the body: epithelial, nervous, muscle, and connective. Fat (adipose tissue) is classified as connective tissue. Tissue types are unable to transform from one classification to another, making it impossible for muscle tissue to “turn into fat” once you stop exercising. Unused muscle can become weaker, atrophy (shrink), and exhibit less muscle tone than active muscle, but it cannot change into fat.

To view some images of knee and hip joint replacement surgeries in AIA: 1. Click on “Clinical Illustrations”; select “Lower Limb,” “Skeletal,” “All,” “All,” and “Orthopedics” from the associated drop-down menus. 2. ” 3. Find the corresponding images. 13 The Thigh The femur, the largest and heaviest bone in the body, is the single bone of the thigh. Its head articulates proximally with the acetabulum as it forms a deep, stable ball-and-socket type joint. At the inferior aspect of the femoral neck may be found two trochanters.

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