By Morris J.S.

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W2(t) is a classical singular process. 15). We should expect such a result because the pair bi 2 dt, b~dt has not a closed Ito table. The situation is different if we consider the renormalized square of the classical white noise. 22 LUIGI ACCARDI, YUN-GANG LU, IGOR VOLOVICH Because of the parity of the 6-function, the white noise Wt = bi + bt is a classical process in the sense that, for every s, t one has [wt, ws ] = 0. 18) we find + [0,2] + 2[1, 1])([2,0] + [0,2] + 2[1, 1]) 4[1,1] + 4[0,2] + 4[2,0] + 4[1, 1] = 4([2,0] + [0,2] + 2[1,1]) = dW2dw2 = ([2,0] = 4dw2 .

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